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HDTV Reception Solutions


Get your HDTV reception straight from the source: Off-Air Antenna Reception with a Mini-State Antenna, Model 5MS9000 or HDMS9100!



Model 5MS9000 provides traditional, non-programmed remote control action.
Works great for boats or RVs, in addition to home or apartment
; anywhere your stations are in different directions...

      Model HDMS9100 enhances digital channel searching. You can store channel positions with the RF remote control, then later recall one of the channel memories.
For simple, fast, accurate channel surfing!

Features Programmable Direction Memory and...

4Split-band amplifier less prone to overload in strong signal areas

4Compact, durable, unobtrusive design

4Quick & simple solution to great, local reception

4Eliminates the ghosting of most omni-directional antennas

4Operates on 120VAC or 12VDC; 12VDC fused power cord included

4Stainless steel mounting hardware, important in coastal areas

4Will not interfere with GPS positioning systems
4Free HDTV without having to buy cable/satellite HDTV services

4Costs less than traditional antenna, amplifier & rotor combined

4UV Resistant, Protective Plastic Radome Housing
421" Diameter, 7" Height
460' Coaxial Cable Included
43-Wire Rotator Cable w/Connectors
4Legs for Indoor Use

4Model HDMS9100RV includes mounting brackets for RV or Boat

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Mini-State™ Accessories and Replacement Parts

IMPORTANT--New Model HDMS9100 is not compatible
with Mini-State 5MS antenna motor drives.


HDMS9100 RF Remote Transmitter
HDMS9100 RF Receiver

AC Adapter for
HDMS9100, 5MS9000, 5MS9000IR

Pair of mounting brackets for RV or Boat


Transmitter/receiver to convert wired 5MS9000
to wireless infrared remote controlled unit


5MS9000 Wired Remote Hand Control


5MS9000 AC Power Injector


60' Coaxial Cable w/connectors for all
Mini-State antennas

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